How Life Coach Richard Harris Utilises LBRY to Expand His Business | Q&A Session

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Video Blog | 2 comments

Successful life coach and business mentor, Richard Harris details in his epic LBRY Q&A session, how he’s incorporating the LBRY blockchain into his business plan for stronger growth and an additional revenue stream with less censorship. He explains why he loves LBRY and sees it as the future of media content sharing.


Richard Harris Coaching
LBRY - Richard Harris Coaching
Mark is a avid blockchain enthusiast, a consultant, a developer and designer.Mark has studied a wide range of subjects including Micro Electronics, I.T. Statistics, Business Studies, Psychology and Multimedia.With his diverse educational background Mark has been able to work in key positions, including along side the Dulux Managing Director as a Business Analyst at their head office in the UK and as the lead Developer/Designer for Styles&Wood Group PLC.Mark has run his own company as an online consultant for several years, working with bluechip and recognised clients, helping them build successful online presence and improving their brands.


  1. I really enjoyed this video. Richard is really with it and presented himself well.
    I’m downloading LBRY now. Thanks for this great video!

  2. Great stuff guys!


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