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Programmed, designed & developed by Electron using statistics programmed & compiled by Dr. Brendon J. Brewer
Due to the decentralized nature of LBRY, some links may contain adult content. Please proceed with caution.
Tagged NSFW content links have been disabled.

Live LBRY Live Graphs – Click images for full view popups 

These graphs show the history of LBRY content over time, and are updated automatically approximately every 5 minutes.
Click on a graph to enlarge. Due to caching, you may have to Ctrl+Refresh your browser and then click on a graph to see the latest data.

LBRY Live Graphs 1
LBRY Live Graphs 2
LBRY Live Graphs 3
Reposts | LBRYnomics LBRY Online Statistics
LBRY Live Graphs 4
LBRY Live Graphs 5
Circulating Supply | LBRYnomics LBRY Online Statistics
LBRY Live Graphs 6
LBRY Live Graphs 7
Channel Followers | LBRYnomics LBRY Online Statistics
*Newly added graphs may have little or no data. These will populate over time.

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