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What is it?

The LBRY Social hive is a project to help present the LBRY ecosystem to the wider public though high quality social media and web campaigns, showcase quality LBRY projects and communities and to also be a place where people can visit to learn more about what is going on around LBRY and its communities.

The main aspect of LBRY Social, is quality. We only want to focus on the very highest quality content, subjects and communities; and likewise, we will only engage in high quality social media and web campaigns.

Our team, who have been effortlessly working on this project for over three months, are of the highest standard with many professional skills which are second to none. We intend to use these skills to really take LBRY to the next level.

LBRY Social Hive Officers 




Clement Gerber



Pearl Cindy


Relations Officer

Daniel Reprieto






Michael Hebo



Udit Patel



James Allard

The Coin Weaver

Finance Manager

LBRY Social Officially Affiliated Hives & Projects

Each of these hives/projects will soon have their own dedicated pages. Check back soon for more info.

LBRY Social Hive Levels

Hive Level 1 & 2 in – An Introduction

LBRY Social grew organically from like-minded people in the LBRY community. Our ambition was to form a social ecosystem to promote LBRY and offer a places for other like-minded people to network and promote their LBRY projects and LBRY in general.

We wanted to create a place that made it easy for people creating or wanting to create LBRY projects to learn, find resources, post jobs/tasks and promote with ease. The LBRY Social hive started with several committed members and is growing day by day.

We communicate regularly in our Discord server and private groups chats. Many of our committed members have attended one or more introductory sessions and joined the Slack Apiary channel.

Our meeting schedule is once per month on a flexi plan to meet the busy and international constraints of our members.

Our Discord server is equipped with a fully functioning tipbot to make payouts easy for participating members. It also acts a great companion to this website for full engagement. 

LBRY Social Multi Sig Wallet

Our LBRY Social multi sig wallet address is

LBRY Social Hive L1/L2 Objectives & Tasks

Objectives Completed

  • Since joining the Swarm program, we turned a basic and pending website in to a fully functioning website which includes a dedicated hive page (this).
  • Completed on page SEO which has seen us reach the first page on Google for various key phrases.
  • Set up various external Google services and linked to the site, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.
  • Created a GTMetrix account to monitor site performance making the site better for users & SEO.
  • Added & configured a caching tool to improve the sites performance & to perform better with SEO.
  • Added the website to a paid site utility portal to keep it backed up, monitored for performance, security and up/down time and to keep it constantly fully updated with the latest updates and patches. This tool also monitors our SEO position and competition.
  • Promotion – Use social media and social media posts to promote LBRY and LBRY related content.
  • Arrange meetups, then highlight them via blogs and social media campaigns.
  • Create professional looking graphics and videos to publicise LBRY and LBRY related content.
  • User engagement. Find and entice valuable people to the LBRY platform via networking, social media and in person.
  • LBRY Ladies – Women in blockchain. Our LBRY Social super heroes will look to promote LBRY and the blockchain to more females around the world for a whole new dynamic in the LBRYverse.
  • Cross promote hives. Many of our community projects have transformed into hives. This means LBRY Social is a hive of hives and as such, is a perfect opportunity to cross promote the other hives of our members.
  • Created an active and public Trello board for project management and created a bot to automatically feed the information in to our discord server.
  • Added CloudFlare reverse proxy to increase site performance and security further.
  • Increased the websites responsiveness to make it even more user friendly for mobile visitors.
  • Had various meetings with LBRY Social Officers where we came up with new ideas.
  • Level 1 Objectives Completed 100% 100%
  • Level 2 Objectives Completed 100% 100%

Hive Level 3 – Busy Bees 

The LBRY Social Hive has assigned all its officers, created and tested its multi sig wallet and has matured in to a functioning social hive of busy bees.

The LBRY Social Discord server is very active with over 44 members. We routinely discuss new ideas, promote our own projects, discuss meetups, get feedback on our designs, projects and campaigns.

We have completed various objectives, including, social media platform creation, various social media campaigns, a social media network, project networking, and this website. 

With the help of Brendon’s statistical expertises, we are building a dynamic statistics page, which collects useful LBRY blockchain information to display to the general public to increase interest in the project and help drive traffic to the site to help LBRY adoption.

We are also looking for people to help create a blockchain blog/video blog with a sprinkling of LBRY to draw people in and get them interested.

Objectives In Progress

  • Create compelling and engaging competitions.
  • Find active bloggers to start producing blogs/vblogs
  • Create higher impact marketing campaigns for other projects/hives
  • Create hive subpages and membership access. Just link to offical hive website when finished which will do this.

Objectives Completed

  • Introduce tips for rewarding active members.
  • Rebrand with a blue colour scheme
  • Create alternative social media profiles on free speech orentaed pltforms. 
  • Complete 40% 40%

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Presentation

Presentation date: 12/4/2019 Attendees: 15 Location: Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam, Gujarat, INDIA (Information technology department) Twitter: Udit PatelUdit Patel participated in an event called Paper Presentation in National Level Technical Festival at the...

LBRY LPU Meetup – An Introduction to LBRY & Blockchain

Meetup date: 20/4/2019 Duration: 2 hours Attendees: Pending Twitter: LBRY IndiaIn this meet-up, we will be looking at LBRY, a decentralised content sharing platform build on top of the blockchain technology. You’ll get to understand what LBRY is, how it functions as...

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Meetup

Meetup date: 12/4/2019 Duration: 1 hour Attendees: 24 student's Location: Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam, Gujarat, INDIA (Information technology department) Twitter: Udit Patel - HackospherThis meetup is our official first meetup. In this meetup we discussed...

Level 4 – Coming Soon

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