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by | Apr 17, 2019 | Community, Meetups

Meetup date: 12/4/2019
Duration: 1 hour
Attendees: 24 student’s
Location: Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam, Gujarat, INDIA
(Information technology department)

Twitter: Udit Patel – Hackospher

This meetup is our official first meetup. In this meetup we discussed about building our community driven company called Hackosphere where we learn and earn money together. From 4 April to 12 April 40 students joined as a freelancer. It’s like a place where freelancer can learn and earn money by contributing and helping in the projects.

In this meetup we discussed how to build social media network amongst students to promote various new technologies like the LBRY protocol and build simple projects around the blockchain technology.
The response from students is great for lbry and they are ready to work with blockchain in there final year project.

Special thanks to Mark Firth, Mr Clement and Lbry Social for supporting us Hackosphere


This meetup includes quick talk on:

  • LBRY+ LBRY protocol + Spee<h + WordPress
  • We all are equal in company but divided by roles
  • Be your own boss, be a freelancer
  • Learn and earn money together
  • What we should have to learn
  • How we have to earn
  • How the LBRY protocol can help us in web development
  • WordPress development + LBRY protocol
  • Blockchain based control panels that uses blockchain like LBRY
  • Plugins based projects
Special thanks to Mark Firth, Mr Clement and Lbry Social for supporting us at Hackosphere

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