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by | Apr 19, 2019 | Community, Presentations

Presentation date: 12/4/2019
Attendees: 15
Location: Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam, Gujarat, INDIA
(Information technology department)

Twitter: Udit Patel

Udit Patel participated in an event called Paper Presentation in National Level Technical Festival at the Laxmi Institute of Technology on 3rd April 2019. He gave an in depth presentation about everything related to LBRY in front of the respected judges and students.

The presentation was part of a competition. At the end of the presentation Udit Patel answered Q&A regarding his talk and gave satisfied answers regarding LBRY to judges and students questions, such as, how does LBRY work, what technology is used and how useful is LBRY to the world.

Udit Patel successfully manage to convince many students to get interested in LBRY. As a result Udit Patel started a small LBRY community at the college and already in just a few days, 30+ students have joined from the Information Technology and Computer Science department. This gave confidence to Udit Patel to plan his first official LBRY Social meetup in the area.

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