A Case Study in Using LBRY Well

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Two Ways Of Getting Your Content On LBRY

There are two main categories of people publishing content to LBRY: those who publish manually themselves by using the LBRY app, and those who have synced their YouTube channel, so their YouTube videos are automatically re-published to LBRY. It won’t be long before the latter category can control their content in the LBRY app too, but before then, I’d like to highlight a cool third option, by way of an example.

Why Not Both?

Efe Aydal is a Turkish guy who publishes a range of content — about what, I have no idea, since I don’t speak Turkish. But he has around 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and was recently approached by a Turkish LBRY enthusiast. Aydal synced his YouTube channel, which is now also available at @conmech. However, he is also publishing his content manually on LBRY, to a separate channel, @efeaydal.

On this channel, he is posting early previews of his YouTube videos, and charging his fans 5 LBRY Credits (LBC) for each video. At the current, historically low, exchange rate, that’s about 5 US cents per view.

It’s quite easy to come by 5 LBC using the in-app rewards, so while some of his fans may have bought LBC in order to purchase Aydal’s early release videos, many would be using the free rewards to watch them. Those who don’t want to pay can simply wait and watch his content on the @conmech channel or on YouTube (boo, hiss), just a bit later than the paying customers.

How’s It Working Out?

So, how is this working out? Well, in less than a month, Aydal’s two channels are both rocketing up the Top LBRY Channels list. The videos have been viewed 2068 times and have earned 8,990 LBC in purchases plus 8,531 LBC in tips (it’s a coincidence that those two numbers are similar). This is on top of the 20,000 LBC he would have received from syncing his YouTube channel. Plus, he’s introduced hundreds of new people to LBRY. Not bad for a month’s work!

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  2. its nice to see more people joining lbry

  3. Great content creator from Turkey. Deserves support! I buy his early-access content whenever i have LBC in my balance 🙂

  4. he is one of the best content creator i saw. nice to see him here

  5. Başarı denince akla hemen onun adı gelir! Efe Efe Efe!
    Tebrikler aybi


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