Have You Seen the Secret LBRY Comic Book Option?

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LBRY Comic Book Fans Can Do it Too!

Superhero comics have a dedicated following of super fans who love nothing more than to read their favourite comics on their devices, such as Teenage Mutant Turtles, Batman, Captain Marvel, and Superman. Indeed, many folks in LBRY’s community love their comics too — none moreso than @VGMGeekPortal, who takes it to the next level. And now, everyone (and we mean everyone) gets a shot at producing their own comics and having their LBRY fans read them using the built-in comic book reader.

Any File Format

One of the things I like best about LBRY is that you can publish any file with it. Most of the content is videos, but the protocol lets you publish/sell any kind of file. For example, yesterday I noticed a poet was selling her poetry, in a Microsoft Word file. While not all files can be viewed directly in the app or on lbry.tv, many can (including some games), and more are always being added or proposed.

The Comic Book Format

A more obscure file format that works in-app, thanks to community member btzr, is the comic book (.cbz) format. It sounds complex, but a cbz file is secretly just a bunch of images, compressed with ZIP into a single file. Comic-book reading applications, and the LBRY app, then present the images in order, as pages of the comic book, along with navigation features.

Bad Arguments Impressively Slick

The experience feels impressively slick. Check out my screenshot below, which shows An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments, as viewed in the LBRY app, along with the comic book reader’s navigation bar. LBRY Comic Bad Arguments Of course, many things other than comics can be represented as a sequence of images. I’ve put up a scientific talk of mine, which works rather well on LBRY if I may say so myself. Photo albums seem like another natural application — perhaps we will see Patty and Selma’s holiday snaps on LBRY one day soon… This could even be a way to have poems or other written work (such as e-books) displayed in a visually appealing format. There are many possibilities here, and if you can think of any cool ones, let us know in the comment section below!  


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