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LBRY Social is a not-for-profit, community building, marketing and growth engine. A social lbry:// ecosystem of LBRYnauts looking to learn, discover and build networks to power lbry:// community blockchain projects of all shapes and sizes. Join the revolution and be a voice for digital content and blockchain freedom around the world.

We are a group of dedicated people that volunteer our personal time and skills to help grow awareness in LBRY protocol decentralized blockchain based solutions for greater free speech opportunities around the world.

Power to the people!

* LBRY.SOCIAL is not associated with LBRY Inc
* In the domain name the `LBRY` part represents lbry:// protocol
* We have no leaders or hierarchy. We’re all equal. That’s a community
* This site is currently a work in progress

The LBRY Social Council

The LBRY Social Council is the committee responsible for overseeing the LBRY Social community platform. The council is made up of the the key members of the LBRY community, who have been appointed to their positions by community members for their outstanding achievements, contributions and leadership. Anyone with the required skills can be a member of the committee if they fit the criteria and approved by the wider community.

Clement Amponsah

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Michael Hebo

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Dr Brendon J Brewer

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James Allard

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Mark Firth

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Being Part of The LBRY Community

Being part of the community is more than just being part of the chat rooms, it’s about getting your projects and ideas out there, it’s about making things work, it’s about producing results and being a part of the revolution.

No matter how big or small your project is. No matter whether it’s complex or simple. No matter if it’s controversial or mainstream, LBRY:// is the perfect vehicle to utilise to get results you require to be successful within the new world of blockchain.

The community is all about enhancing and assisting that experience, catapulting you to new heights with all the love and support we offer.

No mountain is too high and no ocean too deep. All you need is the community spirit and the drive to make it happen and as a combined network the world is your oyster.


The Community in Action - LBRY Meetups

Clement Amponsah, is a Computer Science graduate who is currently studying for his second degree in Software Development and is a leading member of the LBRY:// Community, making a LBRY protocol presentation in Bangalore, India as part of a LBRY meetup.

LBRY Community Projects

Jelly Beats - On Hold

Veteran LBRY contributors Baltazar Gomez and Roman Przybyła are creating a streaming music player based on the LBRY protocol. The first alpha version is impressive, and we’re excited to watch as the app is developed...

Chaincade - Roman Przybyła

More details coming soon about these community projects. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on what is going on with LBRY's awseom community.

Social LBRY - Gadel

More details coming soon about these community projects. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on what is going on with LBRY's awseom community.

The Citizens Hub

We intend to connect people from various countries with their countrymen and women as well as with their embassy and make information accessible and accurate with experience...

LBRY Video Blog- Michael Hebo

A regular LBRY video blog by Michael Hebo, bringing you all the lastest news and gossip from around the world about everything LBRY and LBRY related.

LBRY Chromecast - Roman Przybyła

More details coming soon about these community projects. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on what is going on with LBRY's awseom community.

The LBRY Hub

The LBRY Hub is an independent, centralised, decentralised blockchain media and file sharing platform, bringing you the best digital media, a decentralised marketplace, and...

Open Source LBRY - Blanxs

The home of a massive library of popular digital books by world renowned authors on the LBRY platform which are no longer bound by copyright restrictions.

LBRY 3D Zone - Jonny Tracker

More details coming soon about these community projects. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on what is going on with LBRY's awseom community.


A joint adventure by Dr Brendon J. Brewer and Mark Firth using LBRY's Chainquery SQL database and jQuery to visually display useful LIVE LBRY statistics.

LBRY Mass Upload - Blanxs

A convenient and time saving tool that allows a LBRY user to mass upload multiple files to the LBRY blockchain at the same time.

LBRY In The News

The LBRY project is ground breaking in terms how how we use the internet and free speech, and as such has sparked a lot of interest from many major news corporations world-wide, including Forbes, Bloomberg, CBS Fox News and even the world’s most popular news network, RT – who also synced their content to LBRY along with many other big names. Below is a list of some of the media attention LBRY has gained thus far.


Democratizing Media In The Era Of Blockchain.
See article:

Fox News

John Stossel: The incredible threat to free speech that no one is talking about

See article:


Could the Blockchain Disrupt YouTube?

See article:


After the Social Media Purge, The Anti-Media is Fighting Back with LBRY

See article:


YouTube and Facebook Are Losing Creators to Blockchain-Powered Rivals

See article:

LBRY Meetups & presentations

LBRY has one of the most active communities in the realm of blockchain. All around the world, communities come together for LBRY themed meetups to learn, educate, explore, showcase and discuss everything in relation to LBRY and the LBRY ecosystem. See the information below for a list of meetups planned or that have happened in an area near you.

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Presentation

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Presentation

Presentation date: 12/4/2019 Attendees: 15 Location: Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam, Gujarat, INDIA (Information technology department) Twitter: Udit PatelUdit Patel participated in an event called Paper Presentation in National Level Technical Festival at the...

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Presentation

LBRY LPU Meetup – An Introduction to LBRY & Blockchain

In this meet-up, we will be looking LBRY, a decentralised content sharing platform build on top of the blockchain technology. You’ll get to understand what LBRY is, how it functions as well as how you can start making some partial earnings from it. It will be completely introductory and very basic in a way that non tech savvies can understand and start using LBRY over other platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Presentation

Laxmi Institute of Technology – Meetup

This meetup is our official first meetup. In this meetup we discussed about building our community driven company called Hackosphere where we learn and earn money together.
From 4 April to 12 April 40 students joined as a freelancer. It’s like a place where freelancer can learn and earn money by contributing and helping in the projects.

LBRY Social Job Board

Looking for someone with the required skills to help with your project or maybe you want to offer your skills.

Take a look at our job board to connect with the people you are looking for.

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